July Skies - The Weather Clock

The Weather Clock

July Skies

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12" Vinyl Album 12 tracks £17.99


July Skies - The Weather Clock

A lost guitar–led, harmonic-ambient gem which is less a hauntological delve into the British psyche and more a bleached out mid-summer’s daydream.

This Rivertones release is the first time ‘The Weather Clock’ has been issued on vinyl.
July Skies is: Orford Ness, lost youth, Henry Moore, pylons across fields, abandoned airfields, Avebury, endless childhood summers, forgotten England, the romance of the heavens well after closing time, Super8, countryside, mornings in May, ruins, faded innocence, post-war Britain, skies of all seasons, trudging coastlines, Festival of Britain 1951, memories made with a Polaroid Landcam 103, overgrown follies, East Anglia, concrete precincts and tower blocks, suburbia, old Ordnance Survey maps, lost airmen, rustic charm, John Nash, poppy day, a half remembered smile, 1960s artwork by Harry Wingfield, John Berry, Martin Aitchinson, C F Tunnicliffe, Ronald Lampitt, BST, municipal parks at dusk, love, infatuation and loss.

Pre-orders will receive a download code for 'Skies For Nash' from the album within 24 hours of purchase.


12" Vinyl Album (RIVERTONESLP5)
  1. July Skies - Afternoon Pips
  2. July Skies - Branch Line Summers Fade
  3. July Skies - Girl On The Hill
  4. July Skies - See Britian By The Train
  5. July Skies - Friog
  6. July Skies - Holidays To Wales
  7. July Skies - Broadcasts For Autumn Term
  8. July Skies - One Morning In May
  9. July Skies - Distant Showers Sweep Across Norfolk Schools
  10. July Skies - Waiting For The Test Card
  11. July Skies - Skies For Nash
  12. July Skies - To My Love